The Wyvern Programming Language

Wyvern is a new programming language designed to help developers be highly productive when writing high-assurance applications. The first major innovation in Wyvern is type-specific languages, a feature that allows programmers to create literals of a given type (e.g. a SQLQuery type) in a language appropriate to that type (e.g. SQL). We are currently working on the Wyvern object model and on providing architects with more architectural control.

The ongoing implementation of Wyvern is available on GitHub. We have also written a manifesto and related talk slides describing the goals and core ideas behind the design of the language.

Giving Wyvern a Go

You can download a recent (3/25/18) release here and after unzipping run the
depending on whether you want the interpreter or a Wyvern to Python compiler. Try the examples in the
folder or follow the Wyvern Guide. To build Wyvern and possibly make changes to the language tools, follow the instructions in the Wyvern Tool Architecture document.

Publications Related to Wyvern


Carnegie Mellon University

Victoria University of Wellington

Past project members

The Wyvern project is supported by the DARPA BRASS program, the US Department of Defense, and by Oracle Labs Australia.